About SVG Toolbox

I am finishing the last details to publish the beta release of SVG Toolbox, an app that allows you to render SVG to scalar images with options to create HD and pixelart for games. You can easily change colors and strokes. And can split groups in multiple files.

The first reason I decided to create this app was when I was creating a great SVG with plenty of groups and I wanted to change all from dark to light. There is no option to do that easily so with this is pretty easy.


The same for strokes, sometimes I need to adjust some of them for bigger sizes and I wanted to set exact values for every stroke.

Then after creating the big one with its grids I wanted to export each one separated and then I will export each to a PNG, so finally you can do all with the app saving a lot of time.

What I realize during the development, is the second reason is you can render SVG to create pixel art and HD art assets for games and content. Because rendering SVG it is easy and quick to design assets and then export. Also if you change them the will be render pixel perfect again without the complexity of doing by hand.

Some examples:



I have implemented some shaders like make dithering, I will release in a near future after the first beta.

And finally and really important I am now on Patreon, I will include there a lot of more in progress, tips, docs about how to use apps, development, creation and more. So any help is welcome!



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