In progress SVG tools pack app

This post is simply to show to animations and renders in pixel perfect about a tool I am preparing

(4th Update: Fills and non-filled strokes) I have solved some issues and discovered Inkscape make child translations in fills so… I have to implement that. Here an example of Super Mario World I want to use it in Construct to check a minimap.


(3rd Update: Shaders, Now it is possible to add shaders I am creating like dithering and banding) Here it is the example of dithering, view at full size:


(2nd Update: ANIMATION, I was able to catch the transformations in SVG groups and apply intervals to create animations, that can be saved in JSON (for instance) and be applied to different vector files) Just save the states for each animation and can be rendered with different resolutions from pixel art to HD.

Full size :


(Update: I had to add the tentacle just to see how it cool looks, on the right original, on the left traced from )

link to the gif:




What do you think, will help for developers, designers @juanpaexpedite


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