Experiments with Creators Update 15025

I am trying to find the Neon features. There are different ways that could make it work and apart I will make tests with some features to understand what are their purposes.


Here we have new functionality like making the app like a Compact Overlay Window:


When the window is out of focus even the title bar disappears and shows the Top left and Top Right Text Boxes, You can resize it from 150×150 up to might be 500 x 500. No idea the purpose, might be advanced interactive notifications.


private async void PageLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    this.SizeChanged += MainPage_SizeChanged;

    await Task.Delay(5000);
    var view = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView();
    await view.TryEnterViewModeAsync(ApplicationViewMode.CompactOverlay);


Inside Application model we have:

var notes = Windows.ApplicationModel.Preview.Notes.NotesWindowManagerPreview.GetForCurrentApp();
var contract = new PreviewNotesContract();

Might be we can create some kind of notes, sticky notes? no idea. there are only int references and cannot make any advance on that. There are also inside the preview another one for InkWorkspace and Holographic.

HDMI information

var hdmiInfo = Windows.Graphics.Display.Core.HdmiDisplayInformation.GetForCurrentView();

It returns null, so no surprises. I understand this appeared because the Surface Studio and its HDMI color spaces management.

Unloading XAML

Another in progress


It throws an exception, it might be for reading XAML and removing items, or to dispose items from a Panel, I do not know. no more methods, constructors, etc.

I prefer to no continue with this post because is a waste of time using this SDK.








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