After winning the local prize of Megathon last year and after wining the AppCampus grant, we create a company in Spain, Expediteapps, with the purpose to put all the effort to create


This is a new app for Windows phone, that we make with the highest level of a WP8 app can have, some of the features are:

  • Create a trip selecting our list of destinations or in map
  • Select the best places you find to create your trip‏ depending your likes.
  • Easily visually organize your places in days.
  • Ask to local people near to the places any doubt to prepare your trip.
  • Indeed you can ask translated with our cloud translation platform.
  • Download your trip to enjoy it in offline mode.
  • Help the community with your photos, tips, reviews, and answering questions and the community will refund with theirs.
  • Share and publish your trips to help the community to travel easy enjoying the best of destination.
  • With your progress and effort get achievements as prizes.
  • Get notifications to keep you trip updated and to answer the community.
  • Trip animated map with routes and places to easily arrive to places.
  • Photo gallery and panorama viewer.

Travel around the world with Tripnative on your trips and getaways with its map,street guide, packages and the places list.


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