We won the local prize of Megathon! now let’s go for the Main prize.


Hello everyone, after a non-stop weekend Ciani and me developed a new app for the Megathon using all the stuff I have learned, OAuth, Foursquare calls, MVVM, Great User Controls, Several Restful calls, Bing Maps, an a great design very clean. I comment you several tips if you are going to participate in a weekend event. We were two (A,B) and we have the beginning of the idea so:

1.- Start making sketches in paper, a lot a lot. (In group)
2.- Make stuff in inkscape, like design of controls , mockups of pictures, pages and the navigation. (A)
* Learn to trace bitmaps fast and create vectors.
* Copy them to expression studio and then paste to visual studio
* Doing this you will not have weird things in data and canvas.left and top.
3.- Get a lot of metro icons from the internet, and small pictures that can mock up until you have urls, all you can, because you do not know when you are going to need them. (A)
4.- Meanwhile A do all of this, B makes the data model, creates the database, in our case we read using a Restful client, and then fill in the database.
* After that copy the database and use it like content (in our case SQLite).
5.- REST**********************
6.- Let’s start creating usercontrols based on the design you made in inkscape, in my pov is faster than create templates and more for a weekend app. (A)
7.- Meanwhile B creates the MVVM folders, and codes views, vm and models.
8.- When the mainpage and mainviewmodel is defined let’s finish it, because it will be the first impression of your app, and W8 can have a really great visual impact. Add topappbar, bottomappar, define controls.
* You have to dominate contextmenu, if you have not experience with clipping, take a look to animate the context menu.
9.- Now you have something to show. Let’s begin with the second layer of pages A, and B takes care of the third layer of pages.
10.- Do not overload yourself with orientations, resolutions, and the required contracts and stuff that are not idea oriented, of course every app needs them to be certified but now the app must show representation of the ideas.
11.- Your projects needs in-app, contracts, UI response, online to be a great idea. learn all about them before start.
12.- And the last one, change the color and the icon of the app.(We did it in our last 5 minutes).

I would like to make an article on how to do a weekend idea app with more detail but now We have to develop two projects, so it will have to wait. I hope it helps you in any event in your country.

the local prize was a Cerduino bee, that I am feeling like starting to improve several projects when I was studying my degree.


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