MyTimetable 3.0

Yesterday I released the new version of MyTimetable for Windows Phone. From the pov of the user it has great features, like 6 timetables, detailed list view, SkyDrive integration (with the W8 version I am developing) and an interface that I consider is the easiest to use, and it has live tiles, reminders and now more colorful. From the dev pov, I have to say that the SkyDrive API is both great and a bit hard to use because of capturing all the ids for folders and files. It took me three full days to create the new update. My main idea was simply just remove the smaato ad system, it is not working at all (at least in my case) and place the MS Ad Control. Let’s see what happens after the release appears in the marketplace. Now is getting from 10 to 30 daily downloads, and I hope that now the app is really great and Windows Phone is growing the app spreads a lot. If you have any suggestion to this app or any other, welcome your replies. and here some screenshots. (Just for the colors in your phone it worth for it).

img0 - Copy

img1 - Copy

img3 - Copy


2 thoughts on “MyTimetable 3.0

  1. Muy buena modificación, por cierto, si se me permite la sugerencía, pon el enlace a la app store incluso con un código QR, así es más fácil instalarsela.

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