MyTimeTable Update!

I have found a way to make fast and fluid MyTimeTable. Before and thinking that the best way to update the UI, in Manipulation.Delta  the translation values and CompositionTarget.Rendering to update the translation properties, like if it were XNA. But there was a small delay that makes the scroll nasty.

To solve this I keep Manipulation.Delta and I created an action with the action inside CompositionTarget.Render and I call the action at the end of Manipulation.Delta with Scroll.Invoke(); Surprisilly it works in the UI Thread without needing any dispatcher…

Tip: There is a small delay between the real delta  (my finger) and the processed delta, so I multiplied the value *2 in X and Y, and finally is fast and fluid.

Talking about Windows 8, I do not know about datagrids but in case in a few months I do not see any control like this I think I will por my grid to Windows 8 metro style app.

My Timetable available at  marketplace.


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