My Windows8 developer oriented overall review

After installing on a VirtualBox machine I decided myself to risk myself to install over a partition. My humble computer (remember I live in Spain) is a Quad Core 2.8 with 4 GB ram and ATI 5770. After installing and several estranges rebootings I enter in, Let’s start with the applications.

Expression Blend 5

I started it and I realize that all you can develop is javascript, I think this is done for the web developers to encourage them to use. I make several test and when I tested it opening from the desktop and the style of metro can dissappear, so is internally processed and not real metro inside the css. At least that is what happened to me, the web ui was rectangular windows 7.

After seeing this I decided to try to open a visual studio 2011 solution but there is no option to do that at the moment.

The UI is really great, you have to change several things in order to be able to move controls and else, but at the moment  I have not seen anything about the animations (so in the race, adobe is first). It is a great effort but I have to test if I can watch it in another web explorer keeping the style because if not, Why I am going to use HTML5CSS only on Windows 8 metro style app?

Visual Studio 2011


To begin I take a look to all the controls inside the toolbox, some does not exist like the datagrid or a dataform, Luckily I create one by myself for Mango (MyTimetable App).And overall there are new containers like the flipview and else. I have to understand them because a I put controls inside and are outer right, so be patient.

And there is not any ‘Choose Items…” option at this moment. but you can create your own controls and they appear.


The properties menu has been improved a lot, now the text options are better presented (like in blend).

At this moment you cannot have resources like in mango, because I tested but are disabled, might be I have to activate then in someway. There are several options disable like systemresources and localresources.

I directly copy xaml from mango with  Fontsizes as resources and it did not work.

Apart there are classes  like GridLength that now just have the empty constructor.


As you may watch in the sessions there are Tap Events everywhere,

but Manipulation.Started for instance in my case doesnt trigger, it’s weird I have to investigate on this.

SOLVED (by default is None,and what means? Rails), one question answered opens another

MainContent.ManipulationMode = Windows.UI.Xaml.Input.ManipulationModes.All;

Works like a charm


As you see in the sessions  everything have changed, so you have to adapt the namespaces with the new ones, but usually the standard has all.

Special Events

To know if you are in design mode, I was not able to make it work because it has changed. Luckily Compositiontarget.Render works.

Migrating Mango to W8

What I did is copying my grid of MyTimetable from Mango to W8, First of all the xaml design windows supports more errors than in VS2010 because I had to replace all resources.

Then I was not able to inherit from UserControl, but I created another usercontrol and it does not inherit from anywhere, it is directly a sealed class. It is a bit weird again.

The templates of the controls are not like in mango, for instance a button in mango is stretched but in W8 is sized!! and I cannot remove it like in w2010 with blend. Of course this will change.

As I wrote before the manipulation does not work, I have to investigate.


It is amazing how it is possible to go fast as Microsoft goes, is like a bullet that does not stop. It is getting better by minutes I see, I am waiting for the beta to see the changes.

PD: The RSS application when you choose an article, I’ve never seen nothing more clear to read than this in my Asus 1680×1050, I can read it so clear.


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