Mixing WPF,MVVM, Collections, SqlCompact & Dataform

Now I have ported the code from WP7 to WPF. There is a big issue that I worked around, in this case after the submitchanges you have to dispose the context and open it again (disgusting). But it works, I hope in new versions they change this. So in the end works like in the WP7 (I have tested it in network files and works too).

I also added a WPF Example using the Dataform of Rudi Grobler but I changed the source (yes he released the source!) in order to add a custom IDeleteable interface that it is called when you click the delete button in the dataform.

I think this is the most next to VS Lightswitch Solution. I suppose that using Silverlight is practically the same but it will be more interesting using Razor.

And here you have the example (.doc to .7z): WPFMVVMCompact

Now it is possible to create applications to store information really fast!!. I hope you find it useful.


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