7 Advices for WP7 Development

After creating several applications in WP7, I realize out that not is everything ideal as in the emulator, so here comes some advices for WP7.

  1. Use as much as you can ‘Canvas’ for the layout, when you create a listbox with datatemplate mainly. Use your imagination to transform them.
  2. Avoid the use of ‘Progress Bar’ or create your own, because I get a really improvemenent in my datatemplate when I removed them.
  3. I added the “Silverlight Toolkit Data Visualization” but after using it and templating it for ages,I preffer AmCharts is pretty efficient and better for WP7 and it is free!.
  4. In case you create a light application you can use the Panorama template but with intense data use the Pivot template. You can easily transform both renaming “Panorama” to “Pivot”, it works.
  5. I added buttons on the header in the “Panorama” but the application looks better showing them in AppBar using Pivot. The issue is that you have to add a controller to add and remove buttons depending on the Pivot “Window” you are.
  6. Use Httprequest instead WebClient to get the information, then use the Dispatcher to add the data to your UI or your ViewModel.
  7. I decided to use Caliburn.micro in WP7 because it works really well, you can pass multiple parameters, and activate commands with many events.

And that’s all  You will get an application really dynamic than the awful and unsuable from the beginning (that runs amazing in the emulator).

NOTE: If anyone knows how to remove the elasticity in the WP7 listbox, please tell to the Internet how


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