Pure MVVM WPF Application

To create a pure MVVM application using WPF, follow these steps after creating a new WPF Application in Visual Studio:

1. Open App.xaml and remove StartupUri=”MainWindow.xaml”.

2. Create a Folder Called ViewModels, and create a public class called MainViewModel.cs.

public class MainViewModel
public static MainWindow MainW { get; set; }

public void Initialize()
MainW = new MainWindow();
MainW.Closed += (s, e) => App.Current.Shutdown();

3. Open App.xaml.cs and add inside the class:

public partial class App : Application
public static MainViewModel MainVM { get; set; }

public App()
MainVM = new MainViewModel();

And that’s the place to begin with an MVVM application, implementing all the interfaces and commands needed


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